Moment Davido Ran Away From A Psychic Who Correctly Guessed His First Kiss (Video)

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Davido, the world-famous Afrobeat superstar, was recently spotted running away from a psychic after being stunned by him.

Davido ran away from the ‘magician’ who was able to correctly reveal the name of the lady he first kissed.

A video posted online, showing the moment the incident happens. has been making rounds. It showed when the psychic came to Davido to challenge and impress him with some magic tricks.

The magician started by asking Davido how he’ll feel if he tells him the name of the lady he first had kiss with.

In response, Davido eclaimed, showing disbelief. Then the psychic asked Davido to think of that lady in his head, and he’ll tell him who that lady is.

Few seconds after, the magician correctly revealed that the first lady davido had his first kiss with is named Sarah.

In total astonishment, davido screamed and fled far away from the scene.

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