Lady Shocked as She Arrives Husband’s Wedding to See Bride Is Her Best Friend (Video)

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A lady has been given the shock of her life after arriving a wedding only to find out that her husband was about marrying her best friend.
A viral video showed the moment the lady confronted her husband and best friend with pain in her voice.
A netizen, @priestagramm, who reacted to the video, transcribed the lady’s rant, which he claimed was in Wolof, a language in Senegal or Gambia.
The lady accused her bestie of being the biggest hypocrite and dared her to look her in the face to confirm she was really doing the wedding.
The lady then told her husband, the groom, she was not talking to him. @priestagramm’s explanation went thus:
“Translation – All of you are hypocrites. None of you should touch me… Nabou you’re the biggest hypocrite amongst all… Is it me you’re doing this to? You’ve been my friend forever. Look into my eyes and tell me “I’m doing this to you”… Before she tells her husband she’s not talking to him… They’re speaking Wolof, A (Senegal/Gambia) language
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