She Only Calls When She Needs Money – Statement from the Man Who Butchered His Ex-Lover

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Bankole Oginni, a 45-year-old suspect, who was nabbed by police detectives in Ondo state for the murder of his ex-lover, has spoken, giving reasons for his action.

The suspect reportedly committed the crime at his residence in the Danjuma area of Akure, after inviting the victim to his house.

Bankole was arrested after dissecting the lover’s stomach and removing her intestines and her private parts.

He was also alleged to have tied the victim’s hands and legs and thereafter poured hot water on her.

The deceased was traced to his residence where the victim’s butchered body was found by police detectives.

Vanguard gathered that the suspect told police detectives what transpired between him and the deceased.

The suspect explained that the victim sought financial help from him, and he asked her to visit his family home to get the money.

“She called me on Saturday that she needed my help, being my ex-lover, I asked her to come to my daddy’s house, as usual.

“The moment she got there on the fateful day, I offered her a chilled soft drink I bought from a cosmetics shop.

“I bought two bottles and I offered her one. But she had not taken the drink when she suddenly slumped.

“When she slumped, I did not know what to do. So I decided to pour hot water on her with the hope that she would wake up.

“After all attempts to revive her failed, out of panic, I ripped her stomach open to remove her intestines so as to reduce the size of her remains in the sack.

“I tied her hands and cut her so that I could throw the body away.”

Meanwhile, the state police spokesperson Funmi Odunlami, said that the daughter of the deceased reported the incident to the police.

She said the suspect invited her mother, his ex-lover, only for her not to return to the house and her phone was later switched off.

“She traced her mother to the house, only to find her lifeless body in the room(sic) of the ex-lover, with her legs and hands tied, her body opened with intestines removed.

“Also there were patches on her body that shows signs of hot water burns.”

Odunlami said the suspect would be charged to court after the conclusion of police investigation.

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