Angel yells at Ceec after he made an inappropriate remark, “Fire dey my head, no try am.”

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Tensions rose in the Bbnnaija all stars house as housemates Angel Smith and Ceec argued over Biggie’s statement regarding their productivity during a movie-making duty.

The argument began when the housemates were assigned the task of writing and filming a movie together.

Dissatisfaction grew among participants on Thursday morning as the script’s progress appeared to fall short of expectations.

Ceec, known for her uncensored thoughts, vented her rage with a remark that ignited the heated argument.

She was overheard saying, “the housemates are full of shit,” referring to what she regarded as a lack of passion and commitment on the part of the other housemates.

Angel Smith, one of the housemates, was offended by ceec’s remark. She approached Ceec, accusing her of being dismissive of their efforts.

Angel, visibly enraged, did not hold back.

In part of her words;

“You guys were sleeping till 6 am. I stayed and worked on the script and she is here shouting on my head. Na you go tell me how my script go go? No try am, fire dey my head.”

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