I got a fellow traveler to eat my food with me, an Abuja guy recalls his terrible trip to Lagos.

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An Abuja-based man has recounted his unpleasant experience after boarding BRT bus in Lagos during a visit to the state.

He said that he entered the bus from Marina heading home and he had bought yam porridge to eat in the course of the journey.

According to the guy known as @iamridman on Twitter, out of courtesy, he invited the passenger sitting next to him to join him in eating his food, but he never expected him to actually accept the invitation.

He revealed that it was a decision he would later regret as the man ate the porridge and the only piece of meat that was in the meal.

@iamridman tweeted; “One time I boarded a BRT from Marina home. I had bought some yam pottage to eat on the journey oh.

Normally, I never ask people to join me so when I asked the passenger next to me, I didn’t expect him to act on it. This man ate my pottage and the only piece of meat in it. Lagos is such a weird state.”

Reacting, @Crankknot; Wow wetin eyes no go see

@BerryMalone_; Everybody dey vex for gidi

@Tk_anomaly; 😂😂 If I’m not in the mood to actually share my meal, I never ask people to “join me” even as a courtesy cos some people will in fact join you.

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