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Twinz Love (Moyin and Doyin) became famous in the entertainment industry via a series of humorous pranks played on unsuspecting victims. Let’s know more about their Wikipedia biodata and net worth below.

Moyin and Doyin are both beautiful, creative, and talented persons. They gained to prominence in the entertainment business via a series of humorous pranks played on unsuspecting victims.

Wikipedia Profile | Biodata
Real Names: Moyin Oladimeji | Doyin Oladimeji
Date Of Birth: 31st of March 2000
Age: 23 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin: Oyo State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Skitmaker | Make-up Artist | Actress
Net Worth: $100k
Place of Birth: Ado, Ekiti
University: Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State
Secondary School: St. Louis Grammar School Makola
Parents: Adeyinka Oladimeji (Mother) Oladimeji (Father)
Twinz Love Biography
They had origins in Ado-Ekiti, although they were born in Ibadan, which is situated in Oyo State. On March 31, 2000, they introduced themselves to the world. Their followers commonly refer to Moyin Oladimeji and Doyin Oladimeji as Twinz Love.

They work as comedians, actors, company proprietors, and makeup artists in the entertainment world. In addition, they are actresses, businesswomen, and theatrical make-up artists. Let’s read her educational background below.

Education Background
They attended St. Louis Grammar School Makola for high school. They attend college at Obafemi Awolowo University in Osun State. Take a drink of water and settle down as you read this well-written essay.

Due to a bridge and barriers between data reviewers and the Celebrity, it is quite uncommon to obtain the whole data and background of any person. If you know further information on Twinz Love’s whole biography, please share it in the box below.

Age | Date of Birth
They are currently at the age of 23 years old at the year of publishing this article. they were born on 31st of March 2000. Twinz Love will be 24 years old next year 2024. they are born in Ibadan, Oyo State, despite their origins in Ado – Ekiti.

Real Names
Moyin and Doyin were both the first children born to their parents. As their only parent, Princess Adeyinka is responsible for their upbringing. They have not disclosed any details about their biological father.

Family | Parents
Twinz’s mother is Mrs. Ojo Adeyinka Oladeimeji, often known as Princess Adeyinka. She does comedy with her twin daughters, however in the rest of the videos she is pranked. Their father does not now reside with them.

Love Mother
Twinz Love, commonly known as Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji, are Instagram skit makers. They just surprised their mother with a brand-new automobile. As they gave a brand-new SUV to “iya ibeji,” who was overtaken with emotion, the twin comic acts heaped her with adulation.

They published many photos of the moment they presented their “pillar” with her gift, emphasising that they would do anything for her. As they knelt, ‘iya ibeji’ broke into hot tears and prayed for their safety, overpowered by a variety of emotions caused by the little girls’ adoration for her.

Twinz Love captioned their Instagram photo, “We Bought Our Mom a Car. Best wishes, IYA IBEJI. Iya ibeji passed out. Our cornerstone, Iya Ibeji, is always powerful and present! Iya Ibeji is the lone individual for whom we would not go out of our way. She deserves our gratitude every day.”

The father of renowned skit makers, Twinz Love, has refuted his daughters’ claims that he abandoned them and their mother. Doyin and Moyin may recall that he was accused of leaving them as youngsters because he didn’t want twins.

Their father, Pastor Sunday Oladimeji, however, shared his viewpoint in an interview with BBC News Yoruba. He said that he was forced to leave Iya Ibeji, the mother of his twin girls, when she gave birth to another man’s child

According to the father, she disappeared and deserted him and the twins for two months without informing him of her whereabouts or travels. During the interview, his mother also talked, siding with Oladimeji as she recalled the traumatic experience with Iya Ibeji.

Religion | Tribe
Is Twinz Love a Christian or A Muslim? The Religion of Twinz Love is not really clear to us if they are Muslim or a Christian. But we promise to update you when their full profile is out.

Net Worth
Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji are two of the most rapidly ascending sketch creators on social media, and it is wonderful that these young, gorgeous ladies have opted to use their skill to make money on the Internet. According to reports, Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji have a net worth of $100,000 U.S. [1]

They started a skit as a joke. They opted to videotape their mother’s responses since they adore her manner. In addition to creating skits, they also own enterprises. They offer items and do cosmetics.

The inception of Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji’s skits started with a joke. Moyin and Doyin said, “We liked our mother’s reaction whenever we did something funny, so we decided to capture the ‘action’ on film.”




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