He was dragged to the ground by Sina Rambo’s estranged wife, Heidi, after a blogger alleged he had done something to them but wouldn’t pay. I wonder what “equipment” he used.

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Heidi Korth, the estranged wife of Nigerian singer Sina Rambo, has once again taken to social media to drag him to filth and accuse him of despicable things.

It will recalled that Heidi recently parted ways with her husband on the grounds of alleged domestic violence. She also accused him of being an irresponsible husband and father. The couple were married for barely two years

Heidi drags

In a series of posts shared today, August 11, Heidi said a blogger sent a naked photo of her husband to her, alleging that he had a threesome and refused to pay the women.

According to her, she was taken aback by the news and questioned the ‘equipment’ he used to carry out the act, implying that his manhood is not functioning properly.

Heidi drags

She wrote, “So about a month ago a blog sent me a picture of my estranged husband naked saying he had a threesome but refused to pay, I deleted it out of disgust because I really wondered what equipment he used to carry that out. The one I know or which one?
Anyway, please if you have the picture send it to me it will really help in my divorce case.”

Heidi, who has a daughter with Shina, said he cheated on her with their neighbor and still wants her to make up with him and return to the same house, which is impossible. She shared a video from their home’s CCTV footage where he knelt down to ask for her forgiveness.

Heidi drags

Speaking further, she said she can never get back together with him, even for a million dollars, and threatened to drag him to a Germany court to finalize their divorce.

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